Tattoo Body Art vs. Permanent Cosmetics

For centuries, tattoos have been a form of personal expression involving decorating the body with ink implanted into the dermal layer of the skin. Similarly, permanent cosmetics have been used for decades to highlight facial features, just like traditional makeup, but in this case actual pigment is used to provide a natural, longer lasting result.

The procedure of implanting color into the skin for both body art and permanent makeup is administered in the same manner. However, there is one difference when comparing the two; the product used.

Body art is done with ink, a man-made solution with a degree of varying substances such as, but not limited to, carbon and sulfur. Permanent cosmetics is accomplished with mineral based pigment which is composed of iron oxide that already exists in the body. Since the body recognizes the iron oxides, the pigment color will naturally soften and fade overtime.

The lasting results vary between the two procedures as well. Body art could last a lifetime, whereas results of permanent makeup could last approximately 1 to 3 years. The external factors that determine the longevity and vibrancy include age of individual, the part of the body treated, use of glycolic or retinol based products in the area, number of treatments administered, the color of the pigment used during the original procedure, etc.

A patient looking to have either procedure done must be educated on the type of materials used and the sanitary OSHA regulations that need to be followed since the product is penetrating into the dermis of the skin.